Stone Work

Are you looking to add stone work to your landscaping?  Trying to spruce up your outdoor living area with a unique look?  Wallace Lawncare and Landscaping is happy to help you out!  Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you add a bit of creativity to your home through the use of our stone work!


Stone Work = Focal Point

Stone work is an investment that will last a lifetime and become the focal point of your outdoor living space.  Whether you are looking for a modern twist or something that looks like it is centuries old, our team of dedicated designers can construct you a beautiful piece of art for your yard.  Let our team design a walkway, pillars, fireplace, garden wall or even a retaining wall.  You can be assured it will be built with:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics


Let our team of designers transform your backyard or even the front of your home through the use of brickwork.  The versatility of brick allows our team to create arches, sculptures, fireplaces and so much more!  Let our team help you create a beautiful addition through brickwork using such options as:

  • Extruded
  • Molded
  • Handmade
  • Papercut
  • Tumbled